New York, NY Appeals Lawyer — Judge Katzmann Goes Senior, Giving Biden 2d Circuit Vacancy

Farva Jafri
2 min readJan 23, 2021

For all the laypeople out there, going on senior status as a Federal Court Judge means that you work fewer hours/days every week.

Judge Katzmann is a Court of Appeals Judge, and he just took senior status (, creating a vacancy for Biden to appoint a Democrat in his stead.

Why is this important to politicians? The judiciary is supposed to be neutral, but in practice, each judge’s political leanings will influence any decision. Our system is imperfect, and legislators know that Judges will rule based on what they believe in.

Is this the right thing to do? Maybe not, but that blog topic is for another day. On Thursday, Katzmann joined faculty at New York University School of Law as a professor of practice. NYU, my alma mater, attracts lots of libs, including Preet Bharara, to its faculty.

Katzmann was a Clinton appointee and has spent 22 years on the bench. Prior to becoming a judge in the 2nd Circuit, he taught at Georgetown University. Biden, unlike Obama, does not look like he’s going to leave many seats vacant. If he does, he risks a future conservative filling those vacancies and impacting the laws we make as a nation.

Trump filled about a quarter of judicial seats during his presidency.

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